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Trust (a rap ending with an Ave Maria)

Our plain face betrays the mitochondrial Eve in us.
Father is an old word but mother precedes it.
Who knows our longing when we first create fathers who eat us?
Art answers: where might our conscious brains with lonely hearts fit?

In separateness we hold together, like piano keys ‘ melody.
Heaven(s) don’t mock us, ever more splendid are we in disparity.
Hallowed means good, to not believe that is violence.
Be brave: believe joy can be always at hand for reliance.

Your self-will saves with its white knuckled grip.
Name the thing, claim it, bend it to the great requirement.
Your fears and your doubts and your selfishness silenced by
Kingdom(s) with power: monstrous rock angels riot.

Come they for you, child, in defense, like a bumblebee flies, like
Your old father giving you wondrous wings of an airplane.

Here is an acrostic for the Writing 201 acrostic/trust/internal rhyme assignment. I have a bit of internal rhyme but the acrostic does have a secret message. Can you figure it out? The featured image is “Flight of an Aeroplane” by Olga Rozanova painted in 1916. The original can be found in the Art Museum of Samara, Samara, Russia. Works by Rozanova (1886-1918) are in the public domain


I write abecedarian sequences

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