Unequal Terms

I am a lawyer by trade, and not one who enjoys reading judicial opinions in the common law. I’m not a fancy lawyer, you understand. When it dawned on me my first year of law school that reading opinions was a whole lot of what law school was about, I thought I had made a big mistake. One that I would have to suffer through the rest of my life, because I think all pessimistically like that.

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Warning! This one’s about breastfeeding.

I am a working mom of two¬†awesome kiddos –¬†Gus (4) and Teddy (5 months). My husband and I chose to exclusively breastfeed. That sounds weird to say. The truth is more like, I wanted to breastfeed and my husband was very supportive.

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The truth serum

I could not wait to get home today to jump on the trampoline. I am not a circus performer or a child. We’ve had the trampoline since June; we bought it for our son on his 4th birthday. We didn’t put it together until a few weeks ago, as we needed to cut down a tree, trim branches on another tree and pull up a bush in order to accommodate it.

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“And, here we are in heaven”

I was on my way to a party last Saturday evening, which sounds totally fantastical and fake, but there you have it. It is true. I was on my way to a party, alone.

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Guest post by Average Yogini about ending up in unexpected places . . .

I met Average Yogini in 2001 through mutual friends. I believe I was in attendance at her first or one of her first yoga classes at our mutual and beloved studio Edge Yoga! I feel proud, like I attended a birth of sorts. She was one of my inspirations for starting 1874, so I thought it would be appropriate to ask her to post here and to my surprise she wrote about Paris. How appropriate for 1874.

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