Creative Blogger Award 

Millie Thom from Bringing History to Life nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award and I accept it. I am currently reading Millie’s book Shadow of the Raven, a story of historical fiction set in 9th century England. I cannot wait to finish and pick her brain about bringing such distant history to life. 


The first definition of “creative” that came up was “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” 

ONE: Creating 1874 has been a way to engage in a discourse with my imagination by making things: essays, photographs, paintings, poems, even starting to write a novel (which I have since abandoned, without regret – writing 35,000 words on one topic was an experience.) When I first started 1874, I thought I would want to write a novel but I have gravitated mostly to poetry, photography and visual arts. Today, I realized that I’ve been unwilling to learn the craft of novel writing and have even avoided reading other’s novels for many years. Maybe the path towards original ideas in an artistic work entails doing the regular work after all. 

TWO: Earlier this week a big thunder storm rolled through our area. The rain broke a couple of minutes before the end of my run. The world looked dark and beautiful.



THREE: Here is a selfie, edited with Enlight and put on canvas. It made me happy to see my work hanging on a wall. 

FOURTH: T.E.G. Diez is a pen name. 

FIFTH: We just got back from vacation at the beach and I fell in love with the color blue. 



The following blogs inspire me to create: Mischief Memoirs, Daily Paintings, Motivating Giraffe, A Meditative Journey with Saldage, Millie Thom, Storyshucker and Qwiklit

Orchids and Awards

Photo 101 has helped me understand colors a little bit more; to know things I only knew in theory before. I am growing into the name of the blog. The Impressionists were also known as the painters of light since they preferred painting outside and catching the light as opposed to sketching outside and painting in the dark airy studios so accommodating to oil painting. (1) I am looking at the world in terms of color now, noticing shadows and brightness and the nature of colors underneath each. (The numbers mean something.)

I love Photo 101 because of other people’s photography. It is a source of inspiration both in response to photography assignments as well as for subjects for my painting. A new blog I am following, Tales from the WagginMaster, shot a beautiful photograph of an orchid at a grocery store earlier this week. The featured image is my painting in pastel based on the photograph. I do not catch most of the nuances but I was able to mix the paints and come up with almost the right shade of purple in the big petals, which is what attracted me most to the photograph. Below are some process photographs from my afternoon painting session.

WagginMaster also shot a gorgeous sunset in (2) Corpus Christi, Texas, my old hometown, which I hope to paint sometime soon.

Lastly, I want to accept Millie Thom’s nomination for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. Wow! I am so honored to be nominated by Millie Thom. Millie’s blog’s tag line is “Bringing history to life” which is what first hooked me. She is English, a teacher and a geologist. Her About page is incredible. She writes historical fiction set in the Anglo Saxon/Viking era, which is so cool. Millie gives incredibly thoughtful and constructive feedback.

An additional five things about myself: (3) I have been sick for almost three months with a virus! (4) I got a root canal on Friday after suffering for two weeks with a crown replacement gone wrong. (5) I recently got six inches cut off my hair! My stylist has been dying to do this for years. I finally let him. (6) I love Disney World. Since I was pregnant with my son, we have gone every year. (7) My five year old son and I discussed the prologue to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette today. He is so awesome. 

In terms of nominations, I will list below some of my new or old favorite blogs and I only limit the number because I do not want to put this off any longer. I would nominate Millie for this award, if I could. Please check out these very inspiring blogs. 

The Gad About Town: always and forever. Mark Aldrich is a prolific and interesting writer. He has deep knowledge of literature and literary figures. He introduced me to abecedarian sequences

Stock Research 52 is a blogger in India who takes incredible photographs. Inspiration for my pastels and another one coming soon. 

Tales from the WagginMaster, already discussed above. 

Shelby Robbins: her art is incredible. 

Davis Brotherly Love: I love how he sees the world and how he writes it down and turns it into art. There are so many others.

The Liebster Award

I started this blog to practice writing. But, what keeps me coming back is reading other people’s writing. I want everyone I know now to blog about the project or activity or topic closest to their hearts. They don’t really want to. Fortunately, I have all the WordPressers who are already here! Including, Martha Hannah of Is That a Hair In My Biscuit (A Fine Southern Blog), who presented me with the Liebster!

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