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Creative Blogger Award 

Millie Thom from Bringing History to Life nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award and I accept it. I am currently reading Millie’s book Shadow of the Raven, a story of historical fiction set in 9th century England. I cannot wait to finish and pick her brain about bringing such distant history to life.     […]

Art Awards

Orchids and Awards

Photo 101 has helped me understand colors a little bit more; to know things I only knew in theory before. I am growing into the name of the blog. The Impressionists were also known as the painters of light since they preferred painting outside and catching the light as opposed to sketching outside and painting […]


The Liebster Award

I started this blog to practice writing. But, what keeps me coming back is reading other people’s writing. I want everyone I know now to blog about the project or activity or topic closest to their hearts. They don’t really want to. Fortunately, I have all the WordPressers who are already here! Including, Martha Hannah […]