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Detritus: Lost and Found

In search of found poetry, I took a cue from Cheri Lucas Rowlands’ Fragments on Time: Found Poetry in My Dashboard and picked five lines from five different drafts of my own detritus. The featured image is my found poem.

Even a small child can recount to you the various happenings – the assassination of so and so that led to the assassination of so and so.

He remembered beds without headboards, covered with sheets.

She was in a large beautiful room like in a palace.

Bad things happened.

As he watched his son being born, he believed.

She remembers running in her neighborhood at night under the stars and seeing real beauty again in the sky, in the man-made cottages in the re-planted trees in front of the man-made cottages. And, she thought, “It’s good that I am alive.” And, she thought, “I am okay.”

Then, they lived happily ever after because they deserved it.

In response to Writing 201’s found poetry assignment. This is the second to last assignment for Writing 201. I’ve learned so much and tried to not be too uncomfortable being out of my comfort zone. I cheated a little because I newly created (did not find) the 3rd and 5th rows of the poem in the featured image. Lastly, one small complaint: the Twenty Twelve theme does not lend itself to poetry. I seem to have no control whatsoever over spacing!


I write abecedarian sequences

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