Emily Dickinson and Doing Something For the First Time

Whenever a thing is done for the first time, it releases a little demon.

– Emily Dickinson

I read this the other day for the first time. A big part of my life was explained in this short sentence! I am new to writing prose, writing poetry, painting with pastels, drawing and making mosaics. 

In fact, tomorrow is the 6 month anniversary of 1874! This is my 70th post. 

Anniversaries aside, painting with pastels really unleashes that little demon. I do not mostly know what I am doing with pastels having watched only one YouTube video some weeks ago and man do I get bothered and irritable. I know the answer. I just have to learn by watching YouTube videos and if I take it baby steps at a time, starting out as a beginner, everything will work out. Down, little demon!

 One of my new favorite blogs, Radical Rumblings, reblogged a photograph originally posted on Exploratorius. It is a landscape view of Central Maryland taken in December, 2014. The featured image is my attempt to paint it in pastels.


I write abecedarian sequences

7 replies on “Emily Dickinson and Doing Something For the First Time”

I love the Emily Dickinson quote and the truth behind it. I’d never heard it before. Your pastel work is quite stunning – very vibrant and a good likeness to the painting (which I’ve just had a look at). Happy 6-month bloggy anniversary! I had my seven-month one at the end of February. 🙂

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