To keep carefully

Something we keep carefully is something we treasure. Something we keep carefully has meaning. Meaning is something that is not naturally directly expressed. Meaning is on the inside of something, maybe even hidden. This is just an old tree with ivy growing on it. This tree is planted on a parcel of land somewhere in the world on which same parcel of land is a cottage where a family lives. This cottage is just a house in a little valley with a certain number of walls and a roof and a long driveway up to the street. You’d think the little family just found this parcel of land with a house and trees on it through MLS and you’d be right. The mother saw the survey before she saw the images of the house itself and she thought it was like an island in the dead center of a storm. And, she thought of a communication she’d had with the beyond. She’d been in her car and she had cursed God after receiving a disappointing phone call. I mean really cursed God, which for an agnostic is unusual. Using a four-letter word. And, that had been the first honest thing she’d done in a really long time. And, apparently, this God’s currency is truth for he yelled back and it hit her like a ton of bricks. And, she saw clearly that she had done all of this to herself and thank God because she could now undo it. And, so she decided to choose what she wanted and she wanted a garden on an island with trees with ivy growing on them. She hears the birds in the trees in the mornings like she would hear lifetimes ago in a rectangular room with yellow light, hard floors and thin carpet. Things are very simple now.


I write abecedarian sequences

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