Art Poetry like


Where ability does not meet art drowns

Something . Lungs burst to live on land, to have

Grown something good, a hard green grassy ground to

Roll around in. For her to uninhabit


Me, is all I ask. As well as why she’s

Moved back in. She takes the water and the

Food and sleep and love. She never has her

Fill of anything and leaves me none. Through


One pain point she’s tacked to me. Please leave, oh

Heavy shadow. Please go before I let

You go. Don’t trust me to do the right thing

This time. Perhaps, this time I won’t let go


Your stranglehold. To walk when all we want

Is drowned, in that the flowered heart enfolds.


The featured image is a photograph of a work in progress pastel I painted based on a photograph I took of a rose. The end product was terrible and I threw it away. But, when I looked back at the “in progress” pictures, I really liked them. Maybe sometimes things are not meant to be finished.


I write abecedarian sequences

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