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The insolence of Spring 

Alaska’s blinding cold devolves evenly forging golden hues, insolence. January knows long might, night’s occupancy, pulse’s questions. Rest, solitude. Quiet rivers steal torrents. Unearthed valiance wields (e)xoneration, yellow zinnias.

This is an Abecedarian sequence built around the word Alaska. The featured image is a photograph of a flower (not a zinnia) taken by me and then edited with Enlight. Van Gogh painted many zinnias but I wanted to create my own image for this sequence. 


I write abecedarian sequences

2 replies on “The insolence of Spring ”

A clever Abecedarian sequence. I’ve never tried one, but I should think they’re not as easy to construct as they seem. It must be fun, though, searching for the right words.
Personally, I’m glad spring is insolent. Goodness knows how long winter would hang around our doorsteps if spring were not bold enough to shoo it away!

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