As a child, I lived a one-dimensional life. I could not tell the difference between what was me and what was reality, often mistaking one for the other. It was very confusing. It pitted me against the outside world. I had to be always alert to the ever changing landscapes, certain that the living code was to tame the outside world, through understanding or force. 

When I was 27, I started a meditation practice. I started out meditating one minute at a time. Within the year, I realized that there were two independent dimensions within me, my head and my heart. I could recognize each of them as an entity. My head ruled and was power hungry and egotistical. My heart was abandoned and under-nourished. I arrived at this conclusion through the mantra, “I am you.” My mind was telling my heart and my heart was telling my mind that they were the same being, me. My heart started to grow stronger after that. 

There was another startling revelation first arrived at by my mind. If there were two dimensions of me, there had to be three. The third dimension of me was the dimension that was aware of the two other dimensions. It was very quiet that dimension. It was still and sat back and watched the other two, only watched. Its stillness and quiet was startling. My third dimension started to grow stronger after that.

My third dimension is my inherent me, my eternal me, my eternal you. I am learning that it is more me than my own head and my own heart. The more I live in my third dimension, the eye that watches the other two dimensions of me, the more I thrive. My heart still needs much fostering. My head still needs much discipline. That third part of me doles out the love to each of the other two parts like that. 

When I run, it is very hard for me. During this time all the parts of me interact with each other more intensely than usual. A few weeks ago, in an attempt to adjust the volume on my music, I took pictures of my shadow while I was running. I edited one with Enlight and named it the first in the “talking to your shadow” series. In a very two dimensional cartoon-like way, it captures one second of my three parts interacting. 


I write abecedarian sequences

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Yes, we’re back, unfortunately. 😦 I could have stayed there at least another week. There is so much to see and we were on a set tour, which meant we had to move on at their say-so. We’ve never done one of these before and we’ve come back with mixed feelings about them. Still, I got what I wanted for my book in Cordoba. Thank you for asking! I’m trying to catch up with myself now – which could take a while. I really enjoyed your piece of writing. 🙂

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