Top 11 things I learned from playing video games

Super Mario, Zelda, Star Fox + more

Any values I learned as a kid, I learned through playing video games. This casts no aspersion on my parents. I was an ungovernable kid in that respect.

#11:  Breaking some blocks is a harmless way to expend a little nervous energy when you’re trapped in a rigid world. (Super Mario Bros #1, Nintendo).

#10:  Sometimes there’s just no strategy except to throw the kitchen sink. (Star Fox, Nintendo).

#9:  Be thorough. (Zelda, Nintendo, Super Nintendo).

#8:  War games aren’t fun. (Any war game I ever played).

#7:  Don’t hate yourself because your jumps don’t get as much hang time as you think they should. It accomplishes nothing. (Super Mario Bros 1, Nintendo).

#6:  Sometimes what you wish for will come true, so be optimistic and don’t feel sorry for yourself. Maybe the universe wants you to get what you want. (The evolution of Super Mario Bros into Super Nintendo with better jumping ability, introduction of flying ability and Yoshi).

#5:  It’s really nice to take your time and talk to everyone along the way. They might have something important to tell you. (Dragon Warrior, Nintendo)

#4:  It’s better to focus on your own car than on what the other cars are doing. You’re more likely to win. (RC Pro-Am, Nintendo).

#3:  The most important thing is to have fun. (Mario Kart, Super Nintendo).

#2:  Don’t be afraid. You’ve jumped over the lava a million times. (Super Mario Bros 1, Nintendo).

#1:  Keep your life source filled up. It’s the only thing that matters. (Zelda, Nintendo, Super Nintendo).

There are these guys who sit in front of my neighborhood Starbucks. The featured image is a picture I snapped of them incognito, pretending I was the female character in a Man from U.N.C.L.E., then filtered with PicsArt to protect their identity.


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