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Creative Blogger Award 

Millie Thom from Bringing History to Life nominated me for the Creative Blogger Award and I accept it. I am currently reading Millie’s book Shadow of the Raven, a story of historical fiction set in 9th century England. I cannot wait to finish and pick her brain about bringing such distant history to life. 


The first definition of “creative” that came up was “relating to or involving the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work.” 

ONE: Creating 1874 has been a way to engage in a discourse with my imagination by making things: essays, photographs, paintings, poems, even starting to write a novel (which I have since abandoned, without regret – writing 35,000 words on one topic was an experience.) When I first started 1874, I thought I would want to write a novel but I have gravitated mostly to poetry, photography and visual arts. Today, I realized that I’ve been unwilling to learn the craft of novel writing and have even avoided reading other’s novels for many years. Maybe the path towards original ideas in an artistic work entails doing the regular work after all. 

TWO: Earlier this week a big thunder storm rolled through our area. The rain broke a couple of minutes before the end of my run. The world looked dark and beautiful.



THREE: Here is a selfie, edited with Enlight and put on canvas. It made me happy to see my work hanging on a wall. 

FOURTH: T.E.G. Diez is a pen name. 

FIFTH: We just got back from vacation at the beach and I fell in love with the color blue. 



The following blogs inspire me to create: Mischief Memoirs, Daily Paintings, Motivating Giraffe, A Meditative Journey with Saldage, Millie Thom, Storyshucker and Qwiklit


I write abecedarian sequences

2 replies on “Creative Blogger Award ”

What a really interesting read that was.Thank you for sharing so much about yourself – and the photos are excellent. I love your ‘selfie’ on canvas. Such an intriguing image. And your storm photos are just fabulous. I can almost feel the storm by just looking at them. Your beach pics just made me jealous – lovely blue sky and presumably very warm and sunny weather.
Thank you for accepting this award. 🙂 Millie Thom is a pen name, too. See, we all do it! It’s actually my mum and dad’s names, Millicent and Thomas.
(Did you decide not to nominate any other boggers for this award, or are the people named at the end your nominees – except fpr me, of course? You need only name a few, even though the award rules say more. Most people just do as many as they can.)
You sound as thoughh you had a great holiday. You can’t beat sun, sand and sea for the feel good factor. 🙂

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