When the Sopranos premiered, I was 20, not fist pumping in the dark media room of my large house in Greenwich. My gaze was deadlocked on this man of violence. I knew men of violence kinda secondhand kinda not.  Genetics is weird. When my sister sees things she hears music. When I hear music I […]

Best of 1874 Poetry like

Awakenings (or food problems)

In your food there is a heavy draught drugging horse. The others chitter chatter spoon it up.  Danger in eggs and potatoes in broth. Circle The bowl looking for flesh. Wary. I watch.  Do they eat with impunity? The gut recoils. Only dry pasta for me. No room to Hide in subsistence living. Water please, […]

Best of 1874 Prose

Le Gourmet (The Greedy Child)

I feel tingly in my hands and toes to think of tiptoeing down the hallway, down the stairs, into the kitchen for the fridge. Rarely do I undertake such a thrilling journey, knowing there is the darkness and the creaking floors and perhaps I will happen upon mice meeting up in three’s. I wouldn’t want […]