Can I Pull Some Thoughts From Your Head?

I have an idea for a chapter in my NaNoWriMo WIP but I need your THOUGHTS. Yes, literally your thoughts. They will be the materials I sew together into a chapter in Kals of Qi. If I get sufficient responses, I will publish the draft chapter on 1874 First Impressionist Exhibition after the poll closes on November 20, 2014.

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It’s All About Niran

I don’t want to write long, because of NaNo. Writing time is tight these days. The big news is my main character changed last night. Though I sketched out the plot and characters in October, once I started writing, the characters took the story in a direction of its own. Which is pretty cool. The first three days of writing was hard, like the 2nd stage of labor, that baby wouldn’t come out. By the 4th day, like everyone said would happen, I started to hear my characters’ voices. I felt like their channel. I just had to listen and write down what I heard. I’m really glad that right before NaNo, I had a conversation with my sister about “hearing voices” in the creative process and I could go with it.

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Excerpt from Chapter 5

“We must seem so gauche to you, Niran,” she flushes excitedly, “after all the splendor of the Numu.” Iphigenia fans herself, shaking her head a bit, reeling from it all.

Niran smiles at her, his face is kindly.

Thein watches them both, from her corner. She turns away and looks out the tall windows to the colors outside. She stands up suddenly and pries open one window. She stands breathing in and out deeply for a few moments.

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