Peggy Olson

Dylan Matthews of Vox writes that Peggy Olson’s story lines in Mad Men were always about work and queries why her ending was about romance. His generalization about the arc of the Peggy storyline was disputed by commenters. Liz Kuehn Hager countered that “The basis of Peggy’s storyline was always the struggle balancing work and […]

Art Photography

Uncertainty & a Moody Heroine

I have issues with the telephone. It feels very intrusive to me. I have tried different ring tones on my work line, including a man saying “Are you there?” I thought a human voice would help. It did not help. When today’s Photo 101 prompt suggested: “Intrigue us with uncertainty,” I knew I wasn’t advanced […]


Confessions of a metric-seeker

I have trouble imagining a vast and infinite world. Mark Aldrich asks in I, Toward a Metrics of Me: Am I my numbers? Am I my metrics of me? Everything in the world can be counted, and that number can be known and disclosed, but more often than not this one fact does not make […]