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Box of Abecedarian Sequences

The Blacklight Candelabra challenges us to re-imagine a box of chocolates in writing form.

A collection of unique and separate [writing] forms a greater whole.  One rarely finds a single small piece of [writing] that ascends to the heights that the variety provides.

I had been thinking for some time of putting the Abecedarian Sequences into a visual art form. It was serendipity then. My little writing club spun two sequences of their own and I got permission from them to use them here. They are indicated by the initials MAB and BKSA. I harvested the six that I had already published on 1874. That makes eight. I cranked out three more sequences last night and a last one this morning.

The featured image is my box of Abecedarian Sequences. They are in chronological order left to right then top to bottom, but below the order is of disarray and contains the six new sequences.




a birth

always be cautious

and because cowards

I also made the little thin wafer-y sheet indicating the flavors in the box of writing.

Abecedarian Box Flavors

Thank you, always, to The Gad About Town. Abecedarian fever: I definitely caught it.


I write abecedarian sequences

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