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Phantoms and Foreigners (Divergence)

Limbs are limbs, We think. But, I  Don’t.  When a  Phantom  Can hurt, A foreigner demand  removal, How?  The common element is paralysis not motion. Oppressed  By arms and legs: “They don’t belong  To me but keep  Clinging to  My Torso.”  Tracking The first 21 Days  Of life, vindicates The immediacy and The primacy of […]

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Magnification: A Basket of Laundry

The Blacklight Candelabra says: There’s much in nature that the naked eye can’t perceive without assistance . . . It shows us the magnified eye of a fly, which looks nothing like you would think an eye would look and challenges us to: Use words to accomplish similar revelations through magnification. I chose as a […]


The Character of Music: A Bum in Paris

The Blacklight Candelabra challenges us to create a character or a story based on this music: The old woman yells, “Sortez!” She pushes him with a broom off the back door entrance to the building. She has morning shopping to do. He is a nuisance. He stumbles up in his wrinkled clothing. He was once always […]

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Box of Abecedarian Sequences

The Blacklight Candelabra challenges us to re-imagine a box of chocolates in writing form. A collection of unique and separate [writing] forms a greater whole.  One rarely finds a single small piece of [writing] that ascends to the heights that the variety provides. I had been thinking for some time of putting the Abecedarian Sequences into a visual art form. […]