Streets: A Love Affair with Bridges

Today’s Photo 101 topic is the street. I drive on streets to get to work every morning, including this grey icy morning.

I am about to get on the Teddy Roosevelt Bridge to cross the Potomac River into Washington, D.C. I am almost stopped as I slowly merge onto the bridge. This is a homeless man who is often at this opportune spot. The car ahead of me has just given him some money.

I am crossing the Potomac now. This is the view out my car window, one of my favorite views in D.C. That is the Memorial Bridge. The Potomac is frozen over.

I am almost to the end of the Roosevelt Bridge. You can see the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in the distance.

I am driving on Independence Avenue, one of the most beautiful avenues in the whole world. I love the double bridges in this shot. Almost every morning, it takes my breath away.

I am still on Independence Avenue, heading towards the blocks chock full of federal agencies and Smithsonian Museums.

If you look to the left on Independence, this is the view.

A biker is crossing Independence with a red scarf wrapped around his face so you can only see his eyes.

There is a bridge that links up the Department of Agriculture, on the right to its building across the street. I imagine Juliette in Verona when I drive underneath it.

Here is another double bridge shot. Swoon. I will have to consider more thoroughly my infatuation with double bridges.

The Hirschorn is now on my left. I am closing in on 7th Street, N.W.

Here is my turn, 7th Street N.W. I am now leaving Independence.

Chinatown is up ahead.

But before I get there, I turn left on D Street, N.W. and boom – this monstrosity. FBI Headquarters. It will be demolished soon.

My building is on the right.

Thanks for riding with me!


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