Frozen Body of Water: Ice Facilitates Life

Yesterday I photographed the frozen Potomac for the “street” assignment. Today’s topic is water and I have opted for frozen water using some of yesterday’s pictures.  Photo 101 prompts us to explore our relationship with water.

Some years ago, every time I would cross the frozen Potomac River, I would think of the Bering Strait. I would imagine a small clan of nomadic ancestral humans walking together on the ice into North America.

Recently, I tested my DNA through one of those commercial DNA companies. The most interesting piece of information I received was identification of my maternal haplogroup. It is A2. That is, my mother’s mother’s mother’s mother’s and on and on can be traced back to a 30,000 year old haplogroup originating out of Central Asia. One of my ancestral mothers crossed the Bering Strait! Much of this is narrative packed on top of science, but it sparked my creativity. I thought of ancestral mothers migrating hemispheres on foot. How did baby caring work? Our ancestors, men and women alike, were some hardy people.

Before I thought of the Bering Straight when I would cross the frozen Potomac, I would think of Little Women. I would think of when Jo and Amy were fighting and Amy fell through the ice while ice skating which precipitated Jo to finally forgive her. That part always stuck with me, for some reason. Maybe because I did not understand the mechanics of changing my attitude or the mechanics of forgiveness.

Yesterday when I came home from work, my son was mad at the au pair because he had acted out and she had sent him to a time out. He was really angry and was reproaching her and throwing recriminations and complaining about her to me vociferously during dinner. I suggested a change in attitude and he told me he did not know how to change his attitude.

I sympathized. I did not know how to change my attitude without the lash of humiliation nor did I know how to forgive for a very long time. I told him to think about all the things he liked about her. Seeking out positive aspects of a person usually helps me change or balance my attitude towards them. But, what did the trick yesterday was our au pair sharing, later on during dinner, that her little brother had fallen ill over the weekend and had been in the hospital. My son was alarmed and concerned and his ill feelings melted away.


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