I went running today in the late afternoon.  I usually am not outside at this time of day. The light was great. My run is short and most of it is going up and down hills. It was wonderfully fun. 


Seeing my shadow reminds me I exist like others do. It reminds me that there are three parts of me, that like any human my distinct trait is consciousness. 

Running quiets my mind and my heart. It frees up space in my mind and energy from my heart. The third part of me, the part that is  aware of the other two parts, can throw off heat. It throws off energy in the form of unbidden thoughts like my body throws off sweat.


 To feel physically rooted to this world like a tree, to feel that I am like water in water as my mind and heart move through the world, I can always run towards that.


I write abecedarian sequences

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