I went running today in the late afternoon.  I usually am not outside at this time of day. The light was great. My run is short and most of it is going up and down hills. It was wonderfully fun.    Seeing my shadow reminds me I exist like others do. It reminds me that […]

Art Prose

On Self Determination & Ducks

I read something by Rumi once:   “Don’t be satisfied with stories . . . How things have gone for others . . .  Unfold your own.”   Live life without an outside reference. In Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert writes that she found God inside herself as herself. Aristotle says consciousness is the process […]


A tiger

I’ve been struggling with creativity lately. Something is blocking not the ideas but the execution. Self-doubt. I wrote a poem about index cards last month. One of its lines: when the index cards come out my unease loses a little bit of its doubt Last week I wrote about art (poetry). For the 17 years […]