Best of 1874 Poetry like

naturally occurring phenomenon

The Subject

Rainbows galore. They infiltrated my neural network this week. 

The Method 

It’s not an abecedarian sequence but like it. Treating the rainbow like a mosaic or visual found poetry, I found instances of each color in photographs I already had. There are different textures (you can see) and magnifications (not as clear to you). I prescribed verse by limiting words to those that describe the larger supposed-to-be-hidden-to-you subject of each photograph. The Red is an eye patch, the Orange, a steering wheel on a toy train, etc. 

The Objective

Visual magnification as an experiential proxy for uncertainty within an experimental box of hues laid out in the order of a naturally occurring optical/meteorological phenomenon overlaid with the resonant illogicity of human language. 


We belong in this world and this world belongs to us. 


I write abecedarian sequences

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