Art Poetry like

I can 

Limbs strewn like branches from a tree after a storm.

I am your heart. You are my limbs. Expertly stitched to me by you the day where a relentless heart was

Your limbs are useful. They fill my heart. With my hands I blow the leaves away now. I oil the floor. I haul the trash now. I pull the weeds. I wield your hammer, the heavy one. With your legs, I run long and strong now. My heart was just waiting to carry two. My heart is useful now. 

We are connected at the belly and we can finally feel the pain and pleasure points. When I breath now deep down from our bellies, I am unafraid and together, though you recede into the desert silently, like you do. 

I can live like this.  I can. 




I write abecedarian sequences

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