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One of my favorites.


The Character of Music: A Bum in Paris

The Blacklight Candelabra challenges us to create a character or a story based on this music: The old woman yells, “Sortez!” She pushes him with a broom off the back door entrance to the building. She has morning shopping to do. He is a nuisance. He stumbles up in his wrinkled clothing. He was once always […]

Long Form

An American in America: An Interview With An Early Millennial

Millennials are people born from approximately 1980 to 2000. Millennials are the fourth of the four currently living adult generation cultural groupings. They were preceded by Generation X (approximately 1964-1980), who were preceded by the Baby Boomers (approximately 1946-1964), who followed the Silent Generation (approximately 1927-1945).  Millennials have been called entitled, narcissistic and perhaps the greatest generation of our time. […]

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“And, here we are in heaven”

I was on my way to a party last Saturday evening, which sounds totally fantastical and fake, but there you have it. It is true. I was on my way to a party, alone.

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Dream Reader

I like reading dreams. In a past life, I would be an old crooked lady in the Iron Age, reading dreams, interpreting omens, cracking eggs on black cast iron plates and stirring them around with my gnarly fingernails.